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    Shantelle Estes
    Global Campus Admissions Advisor
    📞 +1 575-646-3414
     +1 575-339-1938

    Hi! My name is Shantelle and I am a Global Campus Graduate Admissions Advisor with NMSU. I am from the Hoosier state, better known as Indiana, which is home to cornfields, breaded tenderloins, the love of all things basketball, and the greatest spectacle in racing. I hold a B.S in Journalism as well as a M.A. in Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education (SAAHE) from Ball State University. In my professional career I have had the opportunity to serve as an undergraduate advisor for Nursing & Allied Health students at Indiana University Kokomo and as the Graduate Advisor for the Ball State University School of Nursing.

    When I am not helping students achieve their educational dreams I enjoy traveling, photography, fantasy football, playing softball, and visiting the nearest Starbucks. I look forward to working with you as you begin your journey into graduate school.

    My Area:

    NMSU Global Campus Graduate Admissions

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    Not Available